About Us

Photo Credit: Jessica Salama

We’re a nonprofit with a business approach to saving lives.  

Established in 2008, Population Services International (PSI) - Europe is a locally registered non-governmental organization based in Amsterdam.

PSI-Europe offers European organizations, companies, and governments the opportunity to reimagine healthcare to meet the actual health needs of people in developing countries.

We’re a member of the PSI network and serve as an administrative and advocacy hub for more than 50 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our Team

Odette Hekster

Managing Director

Robert Bal

Director of Finance

Olivier LeTouzé

Director, Project Ignite / Senior Technical Advisor - Market Research

Nino Manjavidze

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Mirella Visser

Chair of Board of Directors

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Karen E. Hoehn

Board Member

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Dr. Joerg F. Maas

Board Member

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Michael Holscher

Board Member

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Our Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report

Find here information from our most recent annual report.

2019 Financial Statements

Find here our most recent financial statements.

PSI Europe Policy Plan

Find here our most recent Policy Plan for 2019-2021.

Photo Credit: PSI Nepal