Our Approach

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Achieving universal health coverage calls for innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s toughest health issues.

PSI-Europe uses proven business practices, like marketing and franchising, to help build strong health systems in the private and public sector. By tapping into the expertise of 8,000 local staff in more than 50 countries around the world, we are able to make impact-driven decisions.

Ultimately, we want to provide even more individuals the ability to design their own healthcare.

Our Commitments

Consumer Powered Healthcare

We approach care from the consumers’ perspective, improve the market for products and services, and develop solutions that are affordable, convenient and effective, to make universal health coverage more of a reality.

To achieve faster results, we're putting our weight behind these 4 strategies.

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Put more care and control in consumer's hands

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Revolutionize the way adolescents access contraception

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Improve primary care networks

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Unlock domestic financing

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Photo Credit: Jessica Salama

Our Partners

PSI-Europe works with a broad range of European stakeholders, including governments, academic research institutions, and private sector companies, to advance sustainable and consumer-focused health solutions together.

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