what we do

what we do


We advocate for and mobilise resources for innovative, rights-based, and sustainable solutions to the world’s toughest health issues—all key activities that contribute to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


We influence and contribute to global agendas, supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening private sector engagement for UHC, and improving primary care networks and consumer-powered care to strengthen health systems.


We work to bridge equity gaps by advocating and supporting innovative and consumer-powered approaches to reach the vulnerable and underserved, including adolescent girls and youth in fragile contexts.


We actively engage European stakeholders and donors to shift policies and funding for priority and under-resourced topics that contribute to a world in which no one is left behind.

Our Core approaches

Promoting a Rights-Based Approach

In collaboration with PSI network members, PSI-Europe promotes a unique approach to deliver rights-based programmes by using a user-centric approach to deliver measurable impact on human rights agendas. By working with and for rights-bearers—like women and adolescent girls—and duty-holders—like providers, community leaders, and policy-makers—PSI-Europe advocates for and designs rights-based programming that is user-centered, scalable, and delivers measurable impact.

Igniting Innovation at Scale

We marry cutting edge product development, service delivery and marketing to solve the world’s most persistent health problems and strengthen health systems. We develop solutions that engage the people we serve and are designed to last. We are experts at implementing on a grand scale and are known as an organisation that gets things done in difficult places. Through our global network of 40+ local member organisations and a 50+ year track record of developing cutting-edge health solutions, we’ve demonstrated our ability to take proven health interventions to scale.

Fostering Partnerships to Shift Policy and Funding

We use advocacy, strategic coalition building, and movement-building for under-represented and under-resourced themes to shift European stakeholders’ and donors’ policies and funding toward mixed health systems approaches to Universal Health Coverage that put consumers at the centre.

menstrual health

PSI-Europe develops consumer-powered, market-driven, and cross-sectoral approaches to advance the menstrual equity agenda. A growing base of global evidence shows that investing in menstrual health can positively benefit multiple areas across women and girls’ lives, such as health, participation in education and the work force, and empowerment: making menstrual health central to advancing gender equality.

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We believe that there is an opportunity to revolutionize the international community’s response to women and girls’ menstrual health needs, by effectively linking menstrual health to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including period product distribution; water, sanitation, and hygiene; and education programs.

Strengthening Mixed Health Systems

Building on 50+ years’ experience of social marketing, PSI has evolved a new approach to blend a relentless focus on the consumer with evidence-based social behaviour change campaigns—all while building a stronger, resilient, and integrated public and private health system.  

We believe consumer-powered healthcare results in better health outcomes. In practical terms this means influencing consumers to take up, sustain and advocate for healthy behaviours; and promoting functional, sustainable healthcare markets, either by getting directly involved or by influencing other players like governments, health providers, businesses, and communities to support healthy consumer choices.  

Since our markets are highly regulated, often publicly financed, and reliant on global markets and supply chains, we influence the enabling environment at global and national levels to develop well-functioning health markets. This new approach keeps the consumer at the centre, while recognizing that she’s part of a wider system which often requires more complex interventions.  

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