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PSI-Europe makes it easier for all people to live healthy lives and plan the families they desire.

Who We Are

PSI-Europe delivers innovation at scale to achieve big and measurable health impact. We’re your partner in supporting governments to bridge gender equity gaps and advance Universal Health Coverage.

We’re a non-profit, but we take a business approach to saving lives. We provide real solutions to complex health problems. And we measure our results.

We’re based in Amsterdam, and we represent the PSI network in Europe as an advocacy and technical hub for PSI’s 40+ network members throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
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Our Core approaches

We take a consumer-powered approach to care. We lead with the consumer’s perspective, improve the market for products and services, and co-develop solutions that are affordable, convenient and effective. We’re your partner in making Universal Health Coverage a reality.

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promoting a rights-based approach

igniting innovation at scale

fostering partnerships to shift policy and Funding

consumer powered healthcare

We believe consumer-powered healthcare results in better healthcare. Not only are we helping to build sustainable solutions for the world’s most serious health issues, but we’re also reimagining healthcare by treating all beneficiaries like consumers. That starts with putting more care and control directly in consumers’ hands.

And we’re making some bold commitments to help reimagine healthcare.
Put more care and control in consumer's hands
Revolutionize the way adolescents access contraception
Improve primary care networks
Unlock domestic financing

Menstrual Health

Menstrual health is an integral part of consumers’ holistic care. We provide technical expertise on menstrual health to our sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and our water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming across the PSI network and among other actors in the community of practice. Plus, we play a key role in convening and convincing stakeholders to generate support for a health area too often left behind.

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How We Make an Impact

Latest Updates

Discover what’s happening at PSI-Europe

Supporting organizations around the world to build menstrual equity

This webinar hosted by Days for Girls, PSI-Europe, and Period Positive Workplace addressed how to create period-positive workplaces and how the private sector can play an integral role in establishing menstrual equity.

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Investing in Women's Health Makes Good Business Sense; Period

Health problems do not exist in a vacuum, but are part of our healthcare ecosystem. Businesses can help change this.

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Introducing Dr. Joerg F. Maas, Member of PSI-Europe's Board

Get to know one of PSI-Europe's board members, Dr. Joerg F. Maas.

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We don't need another McKinsey report

It is time to stop funding glossy reports and start seizing the opportunities at our doorstep to truly close the women's health gap.

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PSI Joins Equity 2030 Alliance: Paving the Way for Gender Equity in Science, Technology and Financing.

Our steadfast commitment to driving change in underserved women’s health issues through partnerships.

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"Making the Case for Investing in Menstrual Health and Hygiene" - Introducing a New Standard

A comprehensive guide for why and how to invest in menstrual health and hygiene.

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